Saturday, July 20, 2024

The OBA: What we do

From its creation more than a century ago, the Oklahoma Bankers Association has pursued a simple mission: We make bankers better at what they do every day, and that’s our sole reason for being. We’re here to help you improve your bank’s performance and its service to your customers and community.

Your Association carries out this mission in a variety of ways, but always with a commitment to returning the greatest value possible to its member banks. The following pages explain how your bank benefits by being a part of the larger group.

Your dues dollars fund key features of membership – advocacy in government relations matters, legal assistance and public relations. Collectively these features add significantly to every member bank’s bottom line.

OBA’s education and training programs and the products and services offered through our subsidiaries also contribute revenues that keep member dues in check. And we think “out of the box”? when it comes to finding ways to reduce our dues dependence: Our newest feature – the OBA Fraud -Division – is sponsored by Deluxe.

This is an important point. Your Association is not just another vendor. We work hard to leverage the collective buying power of the banking industry to get you better prices on things your bank uses every day. If it’s not something your bank needs or wants, or if we can’t get you a better price, we don’t offer it.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding your OBA, please call one of the Board members from your bank’s group, or OBA President and CEO Adrian Beverage. We can serve you best when informed bankers at all levels are involved and make their views and opinions known.