“We work for the best bankers in the world.” A simple phrase with a lot of meaning. It’s really true. Everything that we do here at the OBA is completely banker-driven. 

In order to accomplish our mission, we developed seven standing committees. Committees consist of representatives from each of the OBA’s six regional groups from varying bank sizes. OkB PAC is a subcommittee of the Government Relations Council.

OkB PAC stands for the Oklahoma Bankers Public Affairs Committee. This group has two primary functions: to develop and maintain an active political action fundraising campaign and to distribute the collected funds in the most beneficial way possible.

Developing a fund-raising campaign is no easy task. Committee members spend thankless hours devising an annual plan that will encourage Association members to contribute to one of our two political action accounts.

After the fundraising is complete, members are charged with the duty of distributing the money collected to those candidates running for federal and/or state offices.

A lot of time is spent researching those candidates who have a history of voting in a manner that benefits our industry.

OkB PAC members are very politically active in their own respective communities and have developed a network of support sources.

For more information, contact Adrian Beverage at the OBA, adrian@oba.com or 405-424-5252.