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Week of Feb. 12

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From Adrian’s desk …

By Adrian Beverage
OBA President & CEO

Just some random tidbits that might be of interest to our bankers this week!

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I’m currently in San Antonio for the ABA’s Conference for Community Bankers. The OBA vice chair, Alicia Wade, and first first vice chair, Steve Bagwell, have joined me for the always-informative meeting.

Right off the bat, we had Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman speak to the attendees, and she mentioned that one of the “greatest threats” to the community banking business model is the “cumulative impact” of new regulations and “changed expectations in supervision.”

To this, I can only nod my head in agreement.

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Sen. Greg McCortney (R-Ada) emerged as the winner in the election of the Oklahoma State Senate’s president pro tempore for 2025. The Senate Republican Caucus selected the Ada native in a vote on Monday. He nudged out Sen. Casey Murdock (R-Felt), Sen. David Bullard (R-Durant) and Sen. Shane Jett (R-Shawnee).

The win isn’t binding, however, and the Senate will formally elect its next president pro tempore after the upcoming November elections. It does, however, give a strong suggestion of who will be elected officially then.

Later this legislative session, there will be a House Republican Caucus election to replace term-limited Rep. Charles McCall (R-Atoka) as the Speaker of the House.

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Women’s college basketball is getting a large spotlight on it this season, thanks to the exploits of Iowa’s Caitlin Clark. Clark is on pace to soon be the all-time leading scorer in NCAA history, and it looked like she had a real chance to do so in a visit to the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Sunday. Lo and behold, my ‘Huskers held Clark to “just” 31 points, which was eight short of the record, AND handed the Hawkeyes only their second loss of the season!

Notice to opposing basketball teams: You don’t just waltz into the Lincoln TerrorDome and get an easy win any more, in men’s or women’s basketball.

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FFIEC announces principles for appraisal bias monitoring in bank exams

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council issued on Monday a statement of principles related to valuation discrimination and bias for member entities to consider in their consumer compliance and safety and soundness examinations.

The principles aid member entities in assessing whether their supervised institutions’ compliance and risk management practices are appropriate to identify and mitigate discrimination or bias in their residential property valuation practices. Financial institution supervisors routinely assess the risk management processes of institutions’ residential lending activity during both consumer compliance and safety and soundness examinations. Consumer compliance examinations focus on compliance with consumer financial protection laws and regulations, while safety and soundness examinations focus on an institution’s financial condition and operations. The examination principles released Monday are designed for both types of examination.

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OBA Bankers’ Night Out programs ready for spring

The dates for the OBA Bankers’ Night Out programs have been finalized. Mark your calendar for the date of the program that’s in your area of the state and plan to attend. Bring your coworkers with you so that everyone can be up to speed on the most recent developments affecting their job. In addition to state and federal legislative updates, the program will include a discussion on the recent developments in your industry.

As in the past, the schedule for each of these meetings is:

5:30 p.m. – Drinks
6:15 p.m. – Program
7 p.m. – Dinner

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. The cost is $50 per person. Click here for a registration form or register online using the links below.

Locations and dates for this year’s events are:

Click here to access sponsorship information. Please contact Thi Pham ( for sponsorship questions.

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OBA Senior Management Conference slated for Vegas in early April

The Oklahoma Bankers Association 2024 Senior Management Conference is scheduled for April 7-9 at the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas.

One of the key benefits in the conference will be talking with your peers. Attendees at the OBA 2024 Senior Management Conference will be surrounded by those with similar titles, similar workloads, similar problems and likely solutions to issues that can be just as similar. If you have any questions or want to get signed up, contact the OBA’s education department at 405-424-5252.

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Welcome, new strategic members

The OBA extends a welcome to our newest strategic members:

Benchmark Operations
Bank consulting in the areas of operations, policy development, risk management and finance.
Contact: Sandy Bracken
11213 Springhollow Ct.
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Phone: (405) 823-8542

Bridge Business Credit
Our non-bank, privately-held asset based lending firm provides credit to operating companies based on collateral. We typically finance turnaround/exit credits from banks, helping the company regain health and migrate to next bank within 24 months.
Contact: Suzanne Robinson
900 Wilshire Drive, Suite 305
Troy, MI 48084
Phone: (248) 733-0300 Cell: (346) 608-4890

Rich & Cartmill
Established by John R. Cartmill and Irwin D. Rich, Rich & Cartmill Insurance and Bonds has been a leading provider since 1922. Our team of over 60 independent agents in the Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas areas have developed long-term relationships with countless customers. Our 200-plus affiliations with companies across the country give us the ability to meet your specific requests, at a rate that you can be comfortable with. Our mission is to learn your individual or business needs and tailor a plan that is designed specifically for you! All at the most affordable cost.
Contact: John McClellan
9401 Cedar Lake Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Phone: (405) 418-8640

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OBA education corner …

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, and it appears we’re on the verge of another “dynasty.” Just when we finished with the Patriots, along come the Chiefs! Oh well, as many have said, it’s sometimes more fun where there’s one big dog daddy … with all due respect to the late, great Toby Keith. As always, take a little the time to check out our upcoming continuing education opportunities.

  • Handling Legal Documents – POAs, Trusts, Estates and Guardianships, Feb. 20, webinar — Do you have too much risk? Are court orders, power of attorney and other documents putting your organization at risk for non-compliance? Learn how your procedures may be exposing your institution to risk on these special accounts.
  • Basic Bankruptcy for Bankers, Feb. 21, webinar — Every banker should have a fundamental understanding of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and your bank’s rights and obligations under this code.
  • 2024 Bank Directors Symposium, Feb. 22, Oklahoma City — This event will provide updates on topics, including the M&A landscape, economic outlook, the roles of the board and management in the credit process, regulatory expectations, identifying characteristics of high-performing banks and critical areas for a bank’s success.
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Related Issues, Feb. 23, webinar — Learn what these tripwires are and prepare your institution for inquiries from the agencies as well as consumers.
  • Loan Denials & Other Adverse Action Notices, Feb. 27, webinar — This webinar will cover compliance requirements and best practices for adverse action notices under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Writing New Account Procedures, Feb. 27, webinar — During this program, we will take the core document from the deposit/share accounts handbook and set up a working document so that you can tailor your procedures to this framework.
  • Compliance for the Universal Banker, Feb. 28, webinar — In an effort to provide one-stop, efficient service to accountholders, many institutions have transformed the traditional role of teller into universal banker. In this session, we will prepare staff members for these responsibilities and review compliance requirements they will need to know to succeed.
  • What to do When a Customer Dies, Feb. 29, webinar — This webinar focuses on the deposit and loan issues that arise when a customer dies.
  • Top Ten Loan Documentation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, Feb. 29, webinar — When it comes to loan documentation, you must know the correct procedures and how to avoid frequent exceptions and mistakes.

Also, the OBA is proud to promote the recognition of bankers who have devoted 50 or more years of service to the banking industry. All eligible nominees will be honored at the 2022 OBA Convention on May 13-15 at the Skirvin-Hilton in Oklahoma City. Click here to download a nomination form. If you have any questions, please contact Janis Reeser at 405-424-5252 or

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