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One week until OBA Convention!

The Oklahoma Bankers Association and its member banks constitute a family … and the family is made up of many members. Nearly 200 banks and 20,000 bank employees across the state constitute the OBA’s family tree, and we’d sure like to a see a large representative portion of those at our annual convention on May 8-10!

This year’s convention has the theme “We are family” and will be held at the Embassy Suites in Norman. We hope as many banks and bankers as possible take part in our little family reunion this year!

Click here for more information and a registration form. Also, click here for more information and to register for the convention golf tournament. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the OBA for any additional information.

Remember: We’re only a week away, so get registered NOW!

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FDIC posits ‘targeted’ coverage might be best option for deposit insurance reform

A “targeted” deposit insurance system in which additional coverage would be extended to business payment accounts would be the best option for balancing financial stability and depositor protection relative to its costs, the FDIC said earlier this week in review of the system.

The review, prompted by recent bank failures, considered three options for reforming the Deposit Insurance Fund: The limited coverage option that exists now, an unlimited option that would cover all deposits, and a targeted system with additional coverage for business payment accounts. The FDIC said the latter was the most promising option but acknowledged there are “significant, unresolved practical challenges” to implementing it. Any modification to the coverage level must be approved by Congress.

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Send in your bank family photos!

The Oklahoma Bankers Association and its member banks constitute a family … and the family is made up of many members we’d like to show off to everyone!

The 2023 OBA Convention takes place on May 8-10 and we’d enjoy the opportunity to brag about all our bank families! We’d sure appreciate it if each of our banks would send in a group photo of the employees at their bank, and we’ll feature those photos during our convention.

With nearly 200 banks and 20,000 bank employees across the state making up the OBA’s family tree, and we’d sure like to a see a large representative portion of those to display! Have a group photo from a previous event, or holiday, you’d like to show off, send it our way!

Send your bank’s photo(s) to the OBA’s Jeremy Cowen at, or just point us in the right direction on your bank’s website or social media to grab one!

Annnnnd … don’t forget to register for convention! Check out the top story in today’s update for registration links!

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OBA education corner …

Some of us washed our cars this week, after the monsoons last weekend. Of course, that surely means we’re just inviting more rain later this week! While you’re dodging rain drops in your Volkswagen Bug, take a little time to prepare for upcoming continuing education opportunities available through the OBA:

  • Unlocking Your Team’s Full Potential: Cutting-Edge Strategies for Employee Engagement and Retention, May 8, webinar — The Great Resignation has disrupted employers, and in turn, negatively impacted organizational engagement and culture. Focusing on engagement and culture is key to moving forward, but it may look different than it has before.
  • Cyber-Regulatory Compliance in 2023 – What Do You Need to Know, May 9, webinar — Since the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was passed in November of 1999, financial institutions in the U.S. have been required to build and manage an Information Security Program, based on a risk assessment, that ensures the safety of confidential customer information.
  • New Banker Training, May 9, webinar — Are you new to our industry and feeling a little lost? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we look at the ins and outs of the federal reserve system, regulations, regulators and how banks make money.
  • CRA Essentials, May 11, webinar — The federal bank regulatory agencies have not overhauled the Community Reinvestment Act regulations since 1995, but they have constantly tinkered with the rules.
  • Dormant Accounts and the Escheatment Process, May 17, webinar — Dormant accounts often take a backseat to more pressing compliance matters. That is until that one time a year comes when you are required to report this inactivity and transfer any assets to your state through the escheatment process.
  • How to Write an Effective Credit Memorandum, May 17, webinar — When writing effective credit memoranda, it’s not what you say that commands attention, but how you say it.

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