Saturday, May 25, 2024

Profit Resources Inc. (PRI)

Profit Resources, Inc. (PRI) enhances interchange income and debit card profitability, evaluates and negotiates system contracts, and completes process improvement throughout every area of the bank. PRI strengthens banks by making quantifiable improvements to profitability and efficiency while also specializing in merger integration.


Contact: Brady Chianciola
320 S Madison Ave
Monroe, GA  30655
Phone: (800) 576-2374  (413) 544-1584 (Cell)

To learn more about how PRI can help maximize your bank’s savings, please click this link: Introduction to PRI

We would like to let you know that PRI will be hosting a webinar on “AI in Banking: Challenge or Opportunity?” on Thursday, May 2.

Here’s the link to register for the webinar:

Below are all the details regarding the webinar.

AI in Banking: Challenge or Opportunity?

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a passing trend; it’s a fundamental strategy for financial institutions seeking a sustainable business model. This webinar will offer practical tips and strategies for implementing AI solutions in a way that fits the culture of a community-based financial institution.

Join PRI Partner, Mikelle Brady, as she talks with Kendra Ramirez, an AI specialist, about leveraging AI to enhance profitability and operational efficiency in financial institutions. You’ll learn how to overcome common challenges and get started with AI in a way that aligns with your FI’s goals and resources. And you won’t want to miss the panel discussion including examples of direct application and actionable insights.

This complimentary webinar has been designed exclusively for bankers at community-based financial institutions.