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Week of Nov. 22

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State banking board approves reduction in 2022 assessments

The Oklahoma State Banking Board voted  at its November meeting unanimously to reduce the assessments paid by Oklahoma state-chartered banks.

The 2022 assessment rate was discounted 40% for each bank with assets less than $1 billion and 20% for each bank with assets more than $1 billion.

During the meeting held Nov. 17, State Banking Commissioner Mick Thompson explained how the Banking Department implemented several operational changes over the past 18 months that have resulted in savings to the agency. The Banking Department has recommended a discount to bank assessments each year for the past decade.

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OBA offices closed Thursday, Friday this week

The OBA offices will be closed Thursday and Friday this week for the Thanksgiving holiday.

We will reopen at our regular time on Nov. 29.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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OBA education corner …

Thanksgiving is practically here! Turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, dressing, pumpkin pie … it’s one of our favorite holidays here at the OBA! But don’t let it distract you from all the upcoming education opportunities we have to offer, including the following:

NOTE: Effective March 16, 2020, and until further notice, TTS (our webinar provider) has extended the OnDemand access period for all ‘Live Plus Five (Days)’ registrants to 60 days (versus five business days).

  • Robbery Basics and BeyondNov. 29, webinar — Attendees will learn various methods used by these criminals, how their observations of the event can be critical, along with essential actions to take following a robbery. Employees of financial institutions must recognize the risk that exists but understand that knowledge and training are vital to surviving the event safely.
  • E-Sign for Lending – Challenges and Solutions, Nov. 30, webinar — What steps must be followed to be in compliance with E-Sign? What steps should be taken to verify the customer’s identity in view of an increased risk of identity theft? This session will explain the intersection of E-SIGN and cybersecurity while providing valuable tips for educating consumers and identifying fraud.
  • Section 1071 Dodd-Frank Act Proposal, Dec. 1, webinar — This webinar will take a deep dive into the proposal that will implement the small business data collection and reporting requirements found in Section 1071 of the Dodd-Frank Act. This rule will have a major impact within the commercial lending areas of most financial institutions. Start planning today!
  • 2021 Key Ratio Analysis, Dec. 2, Oklahoma CityAttend this proactive seminar and learn a “five-step” analysis plan to calculate the key ratios covering liquidity, activity, leverage, operating performance, and cash flow analysis and correctly interpret the financial condition of the business client. Upon completion of this seminar, the bank employee will also be able to better negotiate with their business clients as well as other financial professionals.
  • Dealing with Appraisals: Regulations and Requirements, Dec. 2, webinar — We’ll provide in-depth details of the appraisal and valuation process, from both the lender and appraiser side of the game, to provide a thorough understanding of what is required and what you need.

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