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Legal Briefs

January 2009 Legal Briefs

  1. Various Cost-of-Living Increases in Dollar Amounts for 2009
  2. No IRA Minimum Distributions Required for 2009
  3. Interagency Statement on Meeting Needs of Creditworthy Borrowers 

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December 2008 Legal Briefs

  1. Creditor Must Be Notified if Personal Representative Rejects a Claim in Probate
  2. Unclaimed Property—Collecting Fees Owed on Safe Deposit Boxes
  3. Oklahoma Adopts Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act
  4. Notification Required for Security Breach Of Computerized Data

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November 2008 Legal Briefs

  1. Capital Purchase Plan Deadline Extended for Non-publicly-traded Banks
  2. "Opt Out" Date Extended for FDIC’s Temporary Liquidity Program
  3. Tax Free Charitable Distributions from IRAs

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July 2008 Legal Briefs

  1. Commissioner’s Bill Revises Several Banking Provisions
  2. Recent Changes to Oklahoma Banking Board’s Regulations
  3. Major Changes to Oklahoma’s Record Retention Schedule
  4. Elder Abuse Punishment Increases

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June 2008 Legal Briefs

  1. Consumer Loan Dollar Amounts Adjust on July 1
  2. Paying 3% Interest on County Deposits
  3. Accepting Checks with Missing Endorsements
  4. Accepting Checks for Collection

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May 2008 Legal Briefs

New FDIC Guide to Deposit Insurance Of Trusts & POD Accounts

  1. Qualifying Beneficiaries
  2. One-Owner Revocable Trusts
  3. Revocable Trust Becomes Irrevocable
  4. Primary & Contingent Beneficiaries
  5. Changed Amount of Insurance?
  6. Certificate of Trust?
  7. Life Estate & Remainder Beneficiaries
  8. Joint Revocable Trusts
  9. POD Accounts
  10. Contingent POD Beneficiaries
  11. Joint Accounts with PODs
  12. Irrevocable Trusts

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April 2008 Legal Briefs

  1. “Local Check” Area Expanding on April 19
  2. Recent Court Ruling Concerning Liens on Indian Car Titles
  3. Using W-9s (With SSN or ITIN) or W8-BENs to Open Accounts

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March 2008 Legal Briefs

Understanding Representative Payee Accounts

  1. When is a Representative Payee Appointed?
  2. Correct Account Styling
  3. Guardian/Rep Payee
  4. Successor Trustee/Rep Payee
  5. POA/Rep Payee
  6. Only a Rep Payee
  7. Only an Authorized Signer
  8. Joint Accounts
  9. Organizational Rep Payees
  10. Rep Payees for Children

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February 2008 Legal Briefs

  1. Replacing a Cashier’s Check Based on Declaration of Loss
  2. Basis for Charging “Unauthorized” Items to Customer’s Account
  3. Other Ways a Forged Signature is Not a Forgery

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December 2007 Legal Briefs

Discussion of Identity Theft Red Flags

  1. Developing Responses to Red Flags
  2. Suspicious Activity Reports & Privacy Exceptions
  3. Example of SAR Filing      
  4. Credit Report Alerts & Notices
  5. Suspicious Documents
  6. Suspicious Personal Identifying Information
  7. Unusual Use/Suspicious Activity on Account
  8. Notice of Identity Theft

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