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Week of March 25

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From Adrian’s desk …

By Adrian Beverage
OBA President & CEO

Just some random tidbits that might be of interest to our bankers this week!

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I just returned from vacation in the Broken Bow/Hochatown area! Such a beautiful part of the state, I highly recommend any and all to check it out … especially during the upcoming solar eclipse!

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It was a relatively quiet stretch at the state Capitol last week, with both the House and Senate in person only on Monday and Tuesday morning. You can check out the current OBA bill tracking list if you’re curious to what we’re watching as we head into the final full month of session.

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The wait continues.

The Nebraska men’s basketball team fell again in the NCAA Tournament, losing to Texas A&M over the weekend. It brings the Cornhuskers’ all-time NCAA record to 0-8, and leaves them as still being the only power conference school to never win an NCAA Tournament game.

The women fared better, however, as they toppled A&M in the opening round of their NCAA Tournament, but were tripped up by Oregon State in the Round of 32.

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Interested in leading our Emerging Leaders? Deadline to apply is March 31!

The OBA is looking for bankers interested in serving as chair of the OBA Emerging Leaders Division.

Any OBA Emerging Leaders who are currently enrolled in the OBA Emerging Leaders Academy or have previously graduated from an OBA Emerging Leaders Academy or OBA Leadership Academy are eligible for the position. The Emerging Leaders chair will serve a two-year term and will work closely with OBA staff to continue to build and direct the OBA Emerging Leaders program. The chair will also serve as a voting member on the OBA Board of Directors.

Are you interested? If so, click here to download the Emerging Leaders-Chair Interest Form. The deadline to return the form is March 31.

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State ag liens website updated

Just passing along a quick update that the Oklahoma Secretary of State Agricultural Liens website has been updated through March 20, 2024.

Information from it is available for download at

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FFIEC makes changes to Uniform Bank Performance Report

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council member agencies are making several changes to the Uniform Bank Performance Report on or shortly after Monday, March 24.

These changes are necessitated by the current expected credit losses methodology nomenclature changes to the March 2024 Call Reports, according to FFIEC.

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OBA fraud department looking for photo assistance

The OBA fraud department is developing a fraud game that can be used for frontline staff education.  If you have any electronic images depicting specific scenarios and want to share them, we’d greatly appreciate it.

We will blur out any customer or account number information before using.

We’d appreciate photos of the following:

  • Paper items depicting forgery, alteration or counterfeit.
  • Currency depicting counterfeit or alteration.
  • Anything depicting suspicious appearance or activity that to which frontline staff should pay attention.
  • Images of an unusual item or transaction requiring supervisor review.
  • Images of anything good such as a fraudster in handcuffs being arrested, thank you note from a customer for stopping a fraud loss, a check for restitution, etc.

Please email images to

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Bankers at state Capitol: Register for OBA’s 2024 Contact Banker Program

We have set the dates for the 2024 Contact Banker Program. Click here to find a sign-up form with the dates for this year’s program. Please select dates that work best for you and return you form to Once we have the groups finalized, we will send an email confirmation for your date.

On the date you select, there will be a short briefing before we start walking the halls of the Capitol. Please know, we will stay together as a group the entire morning. We will do our best to have you spend a few minutes with both your state senator and state representative to either start a new relationship or strengthen one already in place. We won’t ask you to discuss current legislation – we want you to just chat with your members about issues facing your community or other pressing matters. Depending on what week you select, we will either sit in on a committee meeting or in the gallery to watch the action on the floor. Once we have finished all of our business at the Capitol, the OBA Government Relations Team will take everyone to lunch to discuss the events of the morning.

Everyone at the Capitol knows bankers are involved in the political process and watching how they vote. All of this success is because of the Contact Banker Program. This program is meant for all employees at the bank. There is no cost to attend other than your time.  Please complete this registration form and send it to

Questions? Please contact Megan McGuire ( / 405-424-5252).

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OBA education corner …

The weather finally remembered it was spring in Oklahoma over the weekend, as the first wall-to-wall weather coverage on the local TV channels graced our screens! We hope everyone got through Sunday with as little drama as possible, and the rest of the spring remains quiet, but while you’re cleaning out those storm shelters, take a little time to check out our upcoming continuing education opportunities!

  • 10 Ways to Prevent New Account Fraud, April 2, webinar — Fraud is on the rise! In this webinar, new account personnel will learn to detect and prevent many of these frauds from the beginning.
  • Best-Ever Compliance Checklists for Consumer Loans, April 2, webinar — These colorful and easy-to-use checklists are designed to chronologically lead lenders and processors through the various lending compliance requirements.
  • Marketing & Advertising Compliance – 3-Part Series April 5, webinar — Regulator and examiner attention to financial services advertising and marketing efforts is at an all-time high. Join us for a comprehensive look at the current requirements, and take away practical recommendations for staying in compliance.
  • Understanding Dormant Accounts and the Escheatment Process, April 9, webinar — Dormant accounts often take a backseat to more pressing compliance matters until that one time each year comes when you are required to report this inactivity and transfer any assets to your state through the escheatment process.
  • Top 15 Issues in HMDA Data, April 11, webinar — With the massive 2018 modifications to HMDA, many institutions are still dealing with the challenges of collecting data under the burdensome new requirements.
  • 2024 BSA Fundamentals, April 16-Tulsa, April 17-Oklahoma City — This workshop will provide current, updated tools, techniques, and “real world” examples for learning the critical components of a BSA/ AML program.
  • 2024 Frontline Excellence (formerly known as “Essential Teller Issues”), April 22-Oklahoma City, April 23-Tulsa, April 24-Enid — This program serves as an important reminder about the significance of their role, serving as the CEOs of the customer experience and reinforcing the importance of their actions and reactions as a reputation builder for your brand.
  • 2024 Spring Human Resources Seminar, April 25, Oklahoma City — In this seminar we will discuss the latest in federal and state regulations including AI and how it is affecting many HR processes.
  • Loan Assistant and Loan Processors Workshop, April 30-Tulsa, May 1-Oklahoma City —  This workshop is designed to provide lending knowledge and administrative effectiveness of one of the most important positions in a community bank’s lending staff: the loan assistant/loan processor.

Also, NOW is the time to get involved in your Association, and one good way to accomplish this is to join one of our committees! We are now taking names for those interested in our committees for the 2023-2024 year. By participating with the group three to four times a year, you learn more about your profession, meet other bankers, share ideas and become better at what you do.

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