Thursday, April 18, 2024

Results compiled from OBA’s recent FedNow survey

The results from the OBA’s FedNow survey, sent out to Oklahoma bank CEOs on Sept. 28, have been compiled. You can view them below:

Q1: Has your bank already signed up for FedNow?

Yes: 10 (14.3%)
No: 60 (85.7%)

(If “no” on Q1) Q2: Does your bank plan to sign up for FedNow before Dec. 31, 2023?

Yes: 10 (17.5%)
No: 47 (82.5%)

(If “yes” on Q1 and/or Q2) Q3: Do you send, or plan to send, through FedNow?

Yes: 10 (50%)
No: 10 (50%)