Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Oklahoma Bankers Hall of Fame accepting nominations for 2023

The Oklahoma Bankers Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for the upcoming 2023 class; additionally, the process of selecting inductees has been updated.

First, for those interested in nominating a banker, here are some downloadable forms on OBA.com – please return all nominations to Adrian Beverage (adrian@oba.com) by Aug. 31.
Second, there is a new process for selecting the inductees to each class. After discussion with leadership at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame about its processes, and learning about other methods from other organizations, the induction procedure for the Oklahoma Bankers Hall of Fame has been updated.

After all nominations have been received by OBA President and CEO Adrian Beverage, he will forward those nominees to the OBA chair (currently, Bryan Cain), who will convene a committee of 11 individuals in September to select the inductees. These 11 individuals will be made up of the OBA’s Executive Committee, who will join a banker selected by the OBA chair from each of the OBA’s six geographical groups, as well as a member of the OBA Emerging Leaders Division. The specific committee members will be completely anonymous to everyone outside of the current OBA chair.
These committee members will select the final inductees from the group of nominees given. They will also discuss any possible posthumous inductees who may have not been nominated.

Once the inductees have been selected, the OBA chair will inform Beverage and notification and preparations will be made by the OBA staff for the induction ceremony, which will be held this year on Dec. 7 at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City.

Following the 2023 selections, the current selection committee will disband and a new committee will be picked the following year by the next OBA chair. Aside from the OBA chair and executive committee, the selection committee will remain anonymous with only the other committee members from that specific year knowing their identities.
You can download nomination instructions and forms on the front page of OBA.com