Contact state legislature about firearms bill

We need your help!

HB 2218 is on the agenda in the House Banking Committee for Monday afternoon. This bill prohibits governmental entities from contracting with financial institutions that discriminate against firearm and firearm accessory manufacturers. We are opposed to this bill for the following reasons:

. There are NO banks in Oklahoma discriminating against the firearms industry.

. The government shouldn’t have a seat in the board room of privately owned businesses, or tell private businesses with whom they can or can’t do business.

. Similar bills to HB 2218 have been passed in other states; those states are realizing bills similar to HB 2218 are costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Urgent Action Requested: Please contact Speaker Charles McCall and ask him to remove HB 2218 from the House Banking agenda:

Speaker Charles McCall
(405) 557-7412