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Fed governor doesn’t want to direct business strategies for banks

The Federal Reserve’s role as a banking supervisor is not to replace a bank’s management and board of directors in adopting banking strategy and risk appetite, Fed Governor Michelle Bowman said on Monday at the American Bankers Association’s Conference for Community Bankers in Orlando, Florida.

Bowman touched on a wide variety of topics in her speech at the conference, from the agency’s regulatory approach to bank mergers to her outlook for the federal funds rate. But one thing she wanted to make clear was her commitment to what she characterized as the widely held view that the Fed shouldn’t make credit allocation decisions for banks.

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OBA scholarship available for incoming Oklahoma college students

Each year, the OBA awards a $1,000 scholarship to an incoming freshman who has a parent, grandparent, sibling or spouse who is a Professional Member of the Association.

The student must enroll in an accredited Oklahoma institution of higher education. The applicant must also be graduating from an Oklahoma high school. A panel of bankers will select the winning applicant.

Click here to access the application for the 2023 scholarship. Applications are due April 14, 2023. Contact Megan McGuire with any questions.

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Bankers at state capitol: Register for OBA’s 2023 Contact Banker Program

We have set the dates for the 2023 Contact Banker Program. Click here to find a sign-up form with the dates for this year’s program. Please select dates that work best for you and return you form to Once we have the groups finalized, we will send an email confirmation for your date.

On the date you select, there will be a short briefing before we start walking the halls of the Capitol. Please know, we will stay together as a group the entire morning. We will do our best to have you spend a few minutes with both your state senator and state representative to either start a new relationship or strengthen one already in place. We won’t ask you to discuss current legislation – we want you to just chat with your members about issues facing your community or other pressing matters. Depending on what week you select, we will either sit in on a committee meeting or in the gallery to watch the action on the floor. Once we have finished all of our business at the Capitol, the OBA Government Relations Team will take everyone to lunch to discuss the events of the morning.

Everyone at the Capitol knows bankers are involved in the political process and watching how they vote. All of this success is because of the Contact Banker Program. This program is meant for all employees at the bank. There is no cost to attend other than your time.  Please complete this registration form and send it to

Questions? Please contact Megan McGuire ( / 405-424-5252).

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OBA education corner …

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re planning a big date night for this evening, or watching an episode of Star Trek by yourself (ahem), it’s logical to take a little time to prepare for upcoming continuing education opportunities available through the OBA:

Also, the OBA is proud to promote the recognition of bankers who have devoted 50 or more years of service to the banking industry. All eligible nominees will be honored at the 2022 OBA Convention on May 18-20 at the Omni in Oklahoma City. Click here to download a nomination form. If you have any questions, please contact Janis Reeser at 405-424-5252 or

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