Southwest Oklahoma gets new fraud prevention group

The OBA is proud to report we have a new MAFIA group in Southwest Oklahoma.

Detective David Folkert will host the new group at 9:30 a.m. on the third Wednesday of each month. Joy McGill, AARP, will be the speaker at the Feb. 15 meeting and you can be added to the roster to receive intelligence and meeting invitations by sending an email to

These meetings have proven to be the best way to network with law enforcement and other bankers in your area. The two-hour-ish time spent by your operations or fraud personnel is one of the best investments your bank can make. It’s literally one of Elaine Dodd’s favorite networking events and she is always amazed by the vast amount of current, useful information gleaned from each meeting.

For anyone not familiar with the history of this tongue-in-cheek named group, we will include a brief description and list of regional contacts below:

Metro Area Fraud Investigators Association offers representatives from many different organizations the opportunity to meet, exchange information, and discuss white-collar crime including check theft, forgery, counterfeiting, identity theft, wire fraud, internet scams, retail theft, ATM/debit/credit card counterfeiting, skimming, etc. With the information from the meetings, you can reduce losses, be alert to current crime trends, and/or assist law enforcement in preventing and prosecuting white-collar crime.

Representatives from city, county, state, tribal and federal law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and retailers are among those who attend MAFIA meetings. The concept of MAFIA began nearly 30 years ago. The Lawton MAFIA is one of five such groups formed in Oklahoma joining Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Texoma and Muskogee in networking for a mutual benefit.

Contacts to be added to the rosters to receive intelligence and meeting invitations. Visits to other regions are often helpful and encouraged.

Det. David Folkert at

Sharon Lewis at

Cheryl Compton at

Alli Townsend at

Shauna Rust at

Finally, a huge thanks and debt of gratitude to all the program coordinators who work so hard to keep these meetings so valuable for all our bankers!