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We understand that the challenges of today’s banking industry require faster, smarter decisions, so we’re always thinking of ways to keep you more informed, developing tools to save you time – time which you can better invest into growing your business. Use our innovative solutions to access sector-specific, comprehensive, and reliable intelligence anywhere, anytime, via desktop, web, mobile, or data-feed.

We offer a broad range of workflow solutions for banks, including:

  • Commercial Lending – Grow your business with qualified leads, pricing insight, and credit solutions developed for the commercial lender.
  • Credit Risk – Add valuable perspective to your risk management efforts, with data and tools to help you quickly build risk models.
  • Corporate Development & Strategy – Whether you’re looking to expand or consolidate, our insightful market data equips you to identify opportunities, set goals, and plan campaigns to achieve the results you need.
  • Finance – Quickly compare yourself against your bank and credit union peers, monitor & measure drivers of performance in real time, and prepare insightful reports for regulators and boards.
  • Retail Banking – Set smart goals to maximize performance potential, and price your products with timely market data.


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Here are some of the top news stories:


Quarterly chart book for US banks in Q3 2023 – Digesting Higher for Longer Rates

How bank liquidity is fairing in a higher for longer interest rate environment and the prospect of higher credit losses, particularly related to commercial real estate loans, were the hottest topics for readers of S&P Global Market Intelligence’s bank research and analysis of activity through the third quarter. The features provided data through the third quarter of 2023, details on banks’ exposure to the commercial real estate market, and deep dives into bank funding and liquidity.

US Bank Outlook – September: Bank margins under pressure as deposit mix shift is far from over

While the Federal Reserve is likely nearing the peak for the fed funds policy rate, US banks’ funding costs will continue to rise over the next few quarters, putting pressure on net interest margins.

Community Bank Outlook – October: Stubbornly high rates could spell capitulation for some community bank boards

The higher for longer interest rate environment will keep liquidity in focus at community banks over the next few quarters and could cause some institutions to rethink their independence.


The Big Picture: Outlook for 2024

Stretches of continued volatility in markets and key industries have pushed firms to adjust the way they invest, operate, and innovate. New trends are emerging amid these waves of change, highlighting the need to understand what comes next. Join a panel of market experts for our Big Picture 2024 webinar as they discuss key findings from the past year and analyze what lies ahead.

Q4 Outlook for U.S. Commercial Banks As Institutions Fight For Deposits

During this webinar, Nathan Stovall, Director of FIG Research, will present his outlook for the banking industry over the next few years, share highlights from banks’ third-quarter earnings season and discuss how earnings pressures could change the competitive landscape. Sr. Analyst Zain Tariq will review highlights from the latest summary of deposits release and discuss how mergers and liquidity pressures have changed market share across the industry.


Street Talk | Episode 117: Banks face slow-cession, credit slippage as PE waits in the wings

Many bank boards are stuck as they face investor scrutiny and wait for slippage in credit quality, but experts at Raymond James’ inaugural whole loan conference noted that private equity firms are waiting to infuse capital into institutions so they can play offense in the future.

In the episode, John Toohig, head of whole loan trading at Raymond James and host of the firm’s recent conference, discussed the outlook that speakers shared for the economy and the credit quality of mortgages, credit cards and commercial real estate. Toohig also shared how depositories and their boards are reacting to the higher for longer rate environment, the current gap between buyers and sellers in the secondary loan market, and investor appetite to support bank M&A and loss trades in institutions’ bond and loan portfolios.

Street Talk | Episode 118: PE looking to fill community banks’ capital need created by higher for longer rates

As community banks face a challenging operating environment due to higher for longer rates and heightened regulatory scrutiny, Tony Scavuzzo, managing principal at Castle Creek Capital, expects private equity investing in the sector to increase. In the episode, the private equity veteran said he expects new investments to support independent banks looking to play offense and purge underwater bonds or credit risk in their loan portfolios as well as capital being provided to help facilitate bank M&A activity.