‘Banks are safe’ PSAs available

The Oklahoma Bankers Association has created “Banks are safe” public service announcements for its member banks, both in advertising form as well as in story form, ready for display at the bank or for insertions into local newspapers.

These free ads and stories echo the Association’s successful “Nothing’s Safer Than Money In The Bank” public relations campaigns from the past two decades.

“With all that is happening everywhere nowadays – the war in Ukraine, saber-rattling in China, inflation, gas prices soaring, important elections looming – we thought it was a prudent time for our banks to remind their customers that one thing they can always rely on as being steady and sure is their local community bank,” said OBA Senior Vice President/Communications Jeremy Cowen.

“Oklahoma banks have a strong reputation among Oklahomans for being trustworthy and dependable. It’s never the wrong time to remind people that ‘banking’ is one certainty in an uncertain world.”

The PSAs, available as electronic files so they can be printed as needed and shared via social media and websites, will enable banks to reassure their community about the safety and soundness of their local community banks … something beneficial to BOTH communities and banks, particular with current world, national and local happenings.

“We always embrace an opportunity to equip our customers and communities with information that will enable to them to make more informed decisions,” said Alicia Wade, president and COO of Valliance Bank in Oklahoma City and also first vice chair of the OBA. “The OBA consistently provides us with professional and simple to use PSAs to complement and enhance our internal public relations and customer education process.

“We are grateful for the value add and look forward to sharing them via email and social media throughout the year.”

These PSAs echo the OBA’s previouisly successful “Nothing Is Safer Than Money In The Bank” public relations campaigns in previous years and will be modified to put each bank’s specific name. They are available as electronic files.

For more information on these PSAs, or to get branded versions for your bank, contact the OBA’s Jeremy Cowen (jeremy@oba.com) at (405) 424-5252.