Thursday, September 29, 2022


Qualtik aims to improve the way CRE lenders manage their portfolios, using technology to speed up the process, uncover insights, and add flexibility and reliability. Our software platform helps CRE loan portfolio managers accelerate and deepen their analysis, stress testing, reporting, and risk management capabilities. Intuitive, interactive dashboards enable lenders to visualize CRE loan portfolio concentrations, aggregated asset values, and other criteria. Users can filter and drill into data in real time, analyze individual loans as well as portfolios, and evaluate myriad scenarios. Monthly reporting is significantly accelerated. With Qualtik, lenders can proactively identify and manage risk, create efficiencies related to audit and management processes, and maximize earnings.


Contact: Jen Adcock
7500 Rialto Boulevard, Building 1, Suite 250
Austin TX 78735
Phone: (800) 503-1450, Cell: (512) 596-8681