Information regarding Colson Services …

Payments from the SBA are remitted by a third-party intermediary named Colson Services, which is a subsidiary of BNY Mellon and currently performs the function of fiscal transfer agent for the SBA.

We are hearing word the 1502 Dashboard maintained by Colson Services could be available as soon as Friday, May 15.

You can visit the website by going here:

PPP Lender users who do not already have a Dashboard account with the FTA can enroll by sending an email to that contains the following:

• Name of institution.
• At least two of the following:

1. E-Tran Main Location ID (CAFS Location ID under which loans were originated).
2. One SBA PPP GP loan number assigned to a loan made by Lender.
3. Colson Lender ID (if known).

• Individual user contact information (include in the body of the e-mail, separate from signature block):

1. Name.
2. Email address.
3. Phone number.

Upon receipt of a complete enrollment email, the FTA will send login credentials consisting of a 1502 Dashboard User ID and access code. The User ID and Access Code will be sent in separate e-mails.