Thursday, April 18, 2024

Salary and Cash Compensation Survey

The OBA is partnering with Blanchard Consulting Group to offer the 2019 Salary and Cash Compensation Survey with specific reporting on Oklahoma banks (where available based on participation).  This survey focuses on gathering salary and cash compensation (salary + annual cash incentive/bonus) data for approximately 20 executive positions and over 100 middle management and staff level positions.  In addition, the survey provides information on actual bonuses paid (as a percent of salary) as well as the earning opportunity level positions are eligible to earn under a performance-based cash incentive plan.  Under this new format, position descriptions for lending include guidelines related to portfolio size to better clarify classification and, ultimately, utilization of report data.

This data can be used by human resource professionals to assist in assessing the competitiveness of base salary for most positions in your Bank, developing or managing salary grades, and making salary increase decisions.   In addition this survey provides information on the amount of annual cash incentive/bonus amounts paid to all positions throughout the Bank.  Data cuts will be broken out by asset size and region (coast, non-coast, and Oklahoma) when we have a large enough sample size.

Below is the pricing for the 2019 Salary and Cash Compensation Survey results (survey findings will be provided via email in PDF format):

*OBA Member & Participant: $300

*OBA Member & Non-Participant: $600

*Non-OBA Member & Non-Participant: $800

In order to complete the survey, please click on the link below.  Download the excel file and email the completed survey to by June 21st. 


2019 Salary and Cash Compensation Survey Link (OK)


If you would like to pre-order your copy of the survey or if you have any survey questions, please contact Laura Roth at or 612-886-1225.