Oklahoma’s Community Banks: Helping customers catch their dreams!

Curious about how Oklahoma’s community banks impact the state and the communities within? Take a gander at the below Adobe Spark-rendered page to learn more!

April is Community Bankers Month, and in honor of our state’s great community banks, the OBA Community Department has put together a Community Banks Page on our website highlighting the efforts and impacts of OBA community banks on the state and the communities within.

This page features selected “20 Questions!” videos from our bankers where the intertwining of their banks and communities were discussed. Additional features of this page include photos of charity events involving Oklahoma bankers, press releases from recent Oklahoma bank-supported causes and visual snapshots of the importance of Oklahoma banks to the state. We have also included a link to the “Banks on the Web” page on the OBA website that lists the websites for each bank in the state.

The page was built via Adobe Spark in hopes of offering an alternative to a regular webpage as well as to battle the “webpage fatigue” many computer users face. It should work on all monitors and mobile devices, although some extra-wide monitors, as well as cell phones, might reduce some of the visual elements.

Oklahoma bankers