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Sandy’s salutations
Special OU football ticket prices available to OBA members!
NewsOK story: New rulings on medical marijuana go against employers
OBA education corner …

Sandy’s salutations

By Sandy Werner
OBA Chairperson

We just completed day one of our OBA Annual Washington Visit on Monday. At every stop, we were complimented on both our numbers and our input.

Monday’s topics include CRA modernization, credit union taxation, cannabis banking, CECL, tax reform, 2018 farm bill, BSA, ATR/QM and HMDA, just to name a few. We met with top officials from FinCEN, the FDIC, the Federal Reserve and BCFP.

We are meeting with the OCC, Treasury officials and our Oklahoma delegation today. If you have never attended the OBA Annual Washington Visit, I encourage you to do so. Let your voice be heard.

Together we are the OBA!

——— Sandy

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Special OU football ticket prices available to OBA members!

Join the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday, Oct. 27, as the Sooners take on the Kansas State Wildcats for Oklahoma Bankers Association Game Day!

As a thank you to all Oklahoma bankers and members of the Oklahoma Bankers Association, we would like to extend to you and your guests a preferred rate of only $60 ($20 off the face value) for this game. To purchase your tickets, click here or visit

Enjoy the game!

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NewsOK story: New rulings on medical marijuana go against employers

The clash between federal and state laws regarding employers and employees using medical marijuana continues to grow. In an Associated Press story on today’s NewsOK site, the issue continues to pop up with the latest rulings going against employers.

Click here to read the entire story on NewsOK.

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OBA education corner …

Fall is officially here and it seems even the weather has agreed to this reality! Of course, we live in Oklahoma, so the next 90-plus degree day could be just around the corner. One thing ALWAYS just around the corner are OBA educational offerings. Take note of the following:

  • Legal Liabilities When Check Fraud Occurs, Oct. 9, webinar — If you’re confused about what your financial institution’s legal responsibility might be in various check fraud situations, this seminar is for you.
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act Compliance, Oct. 9, webinar — For the last several years Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) complaints have been one of the most filed types of lawsuits across the country.
  • Marketing & Advertising Compliance, Oct. 10, webinar — As the compliance environment becomes more complex, your marketing department must stay on top of all the rules and regulations. This session can help.
  • Identifying & Documenting CRA, Oct. 10, webinar — Every bank (small, intermediate small or large) needs to identify and document its community development (CD) activities in order to achieve the best possible CRA rating.
  • FFIEC Cyber Compliance, Oct. 11, webinar — The FFIEC continues to update regulatory guidance for financial institutions. In general, there is a delay from the initial release of new regulatory expectations and their implementation in examination and auditing processes.
  • 2018 HR Fall Seminar, Oct. 16, Oklahoma City — This seminar will give you updates to federal and state law and what is brewing in the future. We will have some group discussions and questions about best practices in HR.
  • Reg E Compliance, Oct. 16, webinar — Our topic for the webinar will focus on several simple steps to handle Reg E customer disputes and inquiries.
  • Annual BSA Training for Frontline, Oct. 18, webinar — New BSA rules on Customer Due Diligence make it the most important annual training in many years on BSA.
  • Understanding Real Estate Loan Documentation, Oct. 19, webinar — Taught at a basic level (for bankers, not lawyers), the instructor will lead participants through all sections of the various required real estate loan documents.
  • IRA Basics Seminar and IRA Update/Review Seminar, Nov. 5, Tulsa; Nov. 6, Tulsa; Nov. 7. Oklahoma City; and Nov. 8, Oklahoma City — There are so many pieces to building the IRA foundation of knowledge that it takes a lot of nuts and bolts and “brain-power” to hold it all together. Just when you finally grasp it, they change the rules again! The goal of these two days at each location is to raise your comfort level if you are a rookie and to reinforce your knowledge if you have a higher level of experience.

Additionally, bankers are invited to a “Wine & Cheese Soiree” taking place on Oct. 7, hosted by the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education. The vent will take place at the CHK Central Boathouse, at 732 Riversport Dr., in Oklahoma City. Find out how your bank can give back and fulfill your Community Reinvestment Act by working with the OCEE. Please RSVP to Jacob Whitney at (405) 974-6235 or by Monday, Oct. 7.

Finally, take note that Promontory Interfinancial Network is hosting a number of FREE regional meetings beginning next month, with one in Kansas City, Missouri, on Oct. 10, and another in Dallas on Oct. 15. These meetings will examine the changing landscape of bank deposits and funding strategies. Come to learn about trends, strategies, and solutions that could have a significant impact on your financial institution and enjoy an opportunity to work with your peers and discuss best practices. Leave with practical ideas to affect your bank’s own balance sheet strategy. Click here for more information and to register.

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