Thursday, April 18, 2024

FBI warns of fraud affecting banks

The following was sent out late last week by the FBI and we felt it important to make sure our bankers receive it:

Hello Banking Sector InfraGard Members,

Please see the attached Private Industry Notification (PIN) 20180809-001 TLP:AMBER, “Unlimited Operation” Schemes Pose an Immediate Threat to Financial Institutions.

PIN 20180809-001 is being distributed to inform partners of an immediate threat to financial institutions.

This product is marked TLP:AMBER. The information in this product may be shared with members of their own organization who need to know, and only as widely as necessary to act on that information.

Thank you for your participation in InfraGard.

You can click here to download the aforementioned attachment, which contains specific recommendations for financial institutions to take action.

Also, here are a couple of links, courtesy of our friend Brian Krebs, on current frauds and scams:

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