Thursday, May 23, 2024

Take opportunity to meet 1st District candidate Kevin Hern

I’ve gotten to know Kevin Hern very well, and given what we’re facing in Washington, he’s exactly what we need if we’re going to have any chance of making your bank’s operation more successful.

He has the experience and real-world skills to make a difference for banks and for Oklahoma.

Kevin is a shareholder and board member of one of our member banks. He “gets it ” and he will be a champion for all Oklahoma banks we’ve not had for some time in the 1st Congressional District. He’s a natural-born leader.

Today, we’re having an event for Kevin after work at Founders Tower in Oklahoma City and I’m asking you – as a personal favor – to come and meet Kevin. Yes, we’re hosting a fundraiser, BUT I’m not asking you to contribute. I’m just asking you to come and meet Kevin. If you later decide he’s worth your investment, great. But there’s no pressure to do so.

Please come by and meet Kevin. As an industry, we need all the help we can get, and Kevin is far and away the best candidate. Please come as a favor to me. I’ll never forget your friendship.