Help us help fellow banker get elected

Rarely, if ever, does the OBA send out an urgent request asking bankers to financially support political candidates. We wouldn’t ask if it’s not critically important, so you know this “ask” is important.

Chuck Hall is the CEO of Exchange Bank in Perry and is running for State Senate District 20. This district includes Pawnee, Noble, Logan and most of Kingfisher County.

Before going back home to work at the bank in 1996, Chuck was the chief lobbyist here at the OBA for four years. He understands not just the political process, but the importance of issues that confront bankers. Chuck will hit the ground running! Unlike most newly elected officials, he won’t need a learning curve.

Oh, yes, and while working at the bank, Chuck also served as mayor of Perry.

There will be a large turnover in the state senate this election year and we will be losing a lot of good friends. We have the opportunity to have a banker in the Senate, someone who “gets it” and will be there to help us to help you and your bank. This opportunity doesn’t come about very often and we need to do all we can to get Chuck over the finish line.

Chuck’s main battle will be in the primary on June 26. We only have 12 days to get him the help he needs, so please act quickly. Anything you can do to support Chuck’s campaign will be greatly appreciated.

Below is a link to Chuck’s website you can use to contribute directly to his campaign. Please help your fellow banker so he can be in a position to help you.

Please don’t hesitate to call Adrian at the OBA should you have any questions.

Thanks very much!