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Compliance Alliance

Compliance Alliance is owned by nearly 75% of the state bankers association in the U.S. C/A offers a family of services that includes Compliance Hub, Assurance Services, and Virtual Partners. Compliance Hub is a subscription-based regulatory and consumer compliance advisory with access to live hotlines to attorneys, proprietary tools, educational webinars, and unlimited document reviews. Assurance Services is our independent group of certified bank auditors offering regulatory compliance audits, including recommendations for program enhancements to improve future safety and soundness. Virtual Partners is a shared-service model using bank-dedicated compliance officers to monitor and guide your compliance program remotely.


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Banking Matters Podcast – New Episodes Every Monday – Today’s financial trends, topics, and practical matters, that’s what Banking Matters is all about. Host, Daniel Baker is joined weekly by guests from around the country whose insights into the world of banking, regulation, and compliance keep you better informed.

Compliance Alliance offers a comprehensive suite of compliance management solutions. To learn how to put them to work for your bank, call (888) 353-3933 or email and ask for our Membership Team.

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 Compliance Alliance for Trust

Trust Tools for Compliance is a stand-alone program designed specifically to assist and support wealth management divisions and brick-and-mortar money managers with their regulatory compliance needs. To learn more, call (888) 353-3933 or email and ask for our Membership Team.

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Compliance Alliance for Mortgage

Bankers Alliance now gives you easy access to Mortgage Tools—a collection of proprietary regulatory compliance tools with more than 200 worksheets, checklists, trainings and more & a live hotline chat feature connecting you to attorneys and compliance experts—all designed to safeguard internal operations, strengthen business practices, and develop exam-ready organizations. To learn more, call (888) 353-3933 or email and ask for our Membership Team.

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