Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Bankers Alliance

Bankers Alliance, owned by 33 State Bankers Associations, offers a family of services that includes Compliance Alliance, a subscription-based regulatory and consumer compliance advisory service with tools, hotlines, and document reviews, and Review Alliance, an independent group of compliance specialists offering banks deep-dive audits of their existing transactions, recommendations about program enhancements or guidance on future safety and soundness. In 2020, we added Virtual Compliance Officer – a new shared service-model using bank-dedicated compliance officers; perfect for monitoring and guiding your bank remotely.
To learn more about our family of services, call (833) 683-0701 or email info@bankersalliance.org and ask for our Membership Team.


PO Box 162407
Austin, TX  78716
Phone: (888) 353-3933
Email: info@bankersalliance.org
Website: www.bankersalliance.org

– Compliance Alliance: Info@complianceallinace.com
– Review Alliance – VCO or Audit: info@bankersalliance.org
You can ask for any of these departments and any additional questions by PHONE (Main Line) at 888-353-3933. Please visit our website for more information: https://compliancealliance.com/about-us/pandemic-planning-for-banks

REG Updates:
Final Rule on the Revised CECL Transition in the Capital Rule
Final Rule on the Definition of Eligible Retained Income in the Capital Rule
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Requests Information on the Impact of the CARD Act Regulations on Small Entities and the Consumer Credit Card Market
Final Rule on the CBLR Transition Adjustments