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Expecting email from the OBA?

October 30, 2014

Last week, email from the OBA landed on several email "blacklists." Although the issue is nearly fixed, there is concern the OBA is not able to send or receive emails still with various individuals or comapnies.

If you are expecting an email from the OBA, please contact the appropriate OBA staff member.

If you are waiting for evaluation forms for recent OBA education events, please click the seminar below to complete the survey: 

October 22-23, RE Lending Compliance Seminar

October 28, HR Seminar 

October 29, OBA/BKD Symposium


Do you know about 'Friends of Traditional Banking'?

“Friends of Traditional Banking” is a new advocacy group that has emerged and has become one of the fastest-growing groups in the country. Its mission is simple – to build a list of everyone in America who cares about the future of traditional banking and what it means to them and to their communities, and then direct them all to make a donation in two of the most important races for traditional banking.

Industry leaders who direct Friends of Traditional Banking have been vetting candidates and analyzing races across the country to identify the two most important races for traditional banking. We encourage everyone who understands the role of traditional banking go to www.friendsoftraditionalbanking.com and join the growing list of people who are ready to act to save traditional banking.

Help your employees own their right to vote!

The OBA is kicking off its "Own Your Right To Vote" campaign where it helps banks in encouraging its employees and customers to get out to the polls and cast their ballots for the candidates of their choice in November.

On the OBA's dedicated page for this campaign, visitors can find links for important voter registration information, military/overseas voting, proof of identity laws in Oklahoma, etc.

Additionally, to make our banks' lives even easier, we've put together some customizable voting resources that include a sample email bank CEOs can send to their employees, voter information reminder cards to place in lobbies and sample news release and social media posts banks can use. There is also a timeline to help bank's keep track of what can be done each week.

No Bankers' Night Out events this fall

The OBA will NOT be hosting Bankers' Night Out events this fall. With election-time looming, it was decided to hold off this season so as to give a complete wrap-up during the spring sessions.

Be looking for information for the spring version of our Bankers' Night Out programs to hit your banks early next year.

If you have any question, please contact Adrian Beverage at the OBA.



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