Thursday, October 6, 2022


June 2008 Legal Briefs

Consumer Loan Dollar Amounts Adjust on July 1 Paying 3% Interest on County Deposits Accepting Checks with Missing Endorsements Accepting Checks for Collection

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May 2008 Legal Briefs

New FDIC Guide to Deposit Insurance Of Trusts & POD Accounts Qualifying Beneficiaries One-Owner Revocable Trusts Revocable Trust Becomes Irrevocable Primary & Contingent Beneficiaries Changed Amount of Insurance? Certificate of Trust? Life Estate & Remainder Beneficiaries Joint Revocable Trusts POD Accounts Contingent POD Beneficiaries Joint Accounts with PODs Irrevocable Trusts

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April 2008 Legal Briefs

“Local Check” Area Expanding on April 19 Recent Court Ruling Concerning Liens on Indian Car Titles Using W-9s (With SSN or ITIN) or W8-BENs to Open Accounts

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March 2008 Legal Briefs

Understanding Representative Payee Accounts When is a Representative Payee Appointed? Correct Account Styling Guardian/Rep Payee Successor Trustee/Rep Payee POA/Rep Payee Only a Rep Payee Only an Authorized Signer Joint Accounts Organizational Rep Payees Rep Payees for Children

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February 2008 Legal Briefs

Replacing a Cashier’s Check Based on Declaration of Loss Basis for Charging “Unauthorized” Items to Customer’s Account Other Ways a Forged Signature is Not a Forgery

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December 2007 Legal Briefs

Discussion of Identity Theft Red Flags Developing Responses to Red Flags Suspicious Activity Reports & Privacy Exceptions Example of SAR Filing       Credit Report Alerts & Notices Suspicious Documents Suspicious Personal Identifying Information Unusual Use/Suspicious Activity on Account Notice of Identity Theft

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