Wednesday, July 24, 2024

OBA Fraud Position





 This position’s primary responsibility is to develop and present training and prevention programs for bank employees and customers. The person in this position will also serve as liaison in providing training to federal, state and local law enforcement and prosecutors regarding current trends in fraud.


  •  Develop and present training programs and prepare written materials for OBA member banks and their customers (including retail and individual customers).
  • Provide bank robbery security training for our bankers. Provide updated robbery training through Zoom or similar platform recordings.
  • Suggest mitigating procedures or tools in response to evolving fraud and notify bankers through OBA Fraud Alerts.
  • Coordinate and support Robbery Reward Program.
  • Be accessible and responsive to bankers’ immediate needs related to fraud or security.
  • Monitor known fraud activities to understand patterns and trends to assist member banks, law enforcement and prosecutors.
  • Speak on bank fraud issues to banker groups throughout the state and elsewhere as necessary.
  • Maintain liaison with law enforcement professionals in Oklahoma and surrounding states to share information and train officers on fraud
  • Monitor security issues and robbery trends to assist FBI and law enforcement and train bankers on security and current trends.
  • Make recommendations as needed on security issues, including researching and incorporating new training methods and tools as they become available.
  • Become familiar with senior fraud issues for specific program presentations to that population.
  • Networking at every level is a priority.
  • Support and, when needed, host and facilitate Info Security MAFIA, Physical Security MAFIA, Bank Fraud Investigators Group and support regional MAFIAs.
  • Maintain contact with agency partners, including Oklahoma Insurance Department, Adult Protective Services, AARP, Oklahoma Securities Department, Oklahoma Attorney General and others that may arise.
  • Maintain membership in and train bankers in utility of IAFCI.
  • Provide positive PR for OBA in both print and television media to warn of scams and maintain OBA’s and our bankers’ presence in helping customers to stay safe.
  • Provide positive PR for OBA on senior protection
  • Maintain liaison with numerous entities and on numerous boards to facilitate networking for our bankers (e.g. MAFIA, Infraguard, CAFEE, cyber groups, etc.).
  • Serve as staff liaison for OBA Fraud and Security Committee and support and maintain other networking groups as necessary (e.g. debit/credit card group, IT teleconference group, etc.)
  • Write and oversee distribution of Fraud Alerts with specific information to protect member banks, as needed.
  • Serve as speaker on various topics (fraud, security, communications, management, etc.) at OBA schools and seminars, as needed.
  • Such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by the President/CEO.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by a person in this position. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all job duties that may be performed by a person so classified.



The recommended qualifications and related work experience listed below are suggestive in nature only. They are not intended to limit or in any way restrict OBA, OBA employees or applicants. The recommended education and experience levels are guidelines for selection purposes; alternative qualifications may be substituted if sufficient to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Education: Baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college or university, preferably in criminal justice. Additional training in program development and public speaking preferred. Prior certification as a peace officer preferred.


  • Preferred five years investigative experience, concentrating in the area of white-collar crimes.
  • Preferred two years experience in training, including program formulation, presentation and use of computer for such presentations, e.g. PowerPoint.