Saturday, July 13, 2024

Oklahoma becomes title-holding state Friday: more information for lienholders on new title-holding rules

As we’ve noted in previous Oklahoma Banker Directs, Oklahoma will become a title-holding state starting Friday, July 1.

We wanted to take the opportunity to send out information we had sent out previously just to make sure our bankers are prepared for this change.

Below are links to the slides of the presentations from the OTC concerning the change, as well as the Lienholder ID Merge Request form.

Electronic Lien & Title presentation slides. (.pdf)

Lienholder ID Merge Request form, (.pdf)

Additionally, here are some YouTube training links provided by the OTC:

ELT OKCars Account Training.

Managing Your OKCars Lienholder Account Access.

OKCars Dealer Training.

Click here to view our Banker Direct, sent on June 8, that includes the original memo produced by the OTC informing lienholders of the new rules.