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Bankers at the State Capitol: Register for OBA’s 2022 Contact Banker Program

We have set the dates for the 2022 Contact Banker Program. Click here to find a sign-up form with the dates listed for this year’s program. We ask you select what dates work best for you and return your form to megan@oba.com. Once we have the groups finalized, we will send an email confirmation of your date.

On the date you select, there will be a short briefing before we start walking the halls of the Capitol. Please know, we will stay together as a group the entire morning. We will do our best to have you spend a few minutes with both your state senator and state representative to either start a new relationship or strengthen one already in place. We won’t ask you discuss current legislation – we want you to just chat with your members about issues that may affect your community or other pressing matters. Depending on what week you select, we will either sit in on a committee meeting or in the gallery to watch the action on the floor. Once we have finished all of our business at the Capitol, the OBA Government Relations Team will take everyone to lunch to discuss the events of the morning.

Everyone at the Capitol knows bankers are involved in the political process and they are watching how they vote. All of this success is because of the Contact Banker Program. This program is meant for all employees at the bank. There is no cost to attend other than your time.  Please complete this registration form and send it to megan@oba.com.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Megan McGuire (megan@oba.com / 405-424-5252).

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FDIC chairperson announces resignation

FDIC Chairperson Jelena McWilliams announced her resignation Dec. 31 via a letter to President Joe Biden.

McWilliams, a Republican, was named the twenty-first chairperson of the FDIC in June 2018 after being appointed by then-President Donald Trump. Her official departure has been set for Feb. 4, with FDIC board member Martin Gruenberg reported to become acting chairman – his third stint atop the agency.

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OBA offers promotions for upcoming year

2022 Holiday Closing Signs

Customers need to know that Oklahoma banks are closed in observance of serveral holidays each ywar. OBA makes this easy by offering member banks a set of eleven decorative 6″X9″ decals. Static-cling decal signs clearly notify customers of your holiday closings. Each decal has a holiday design with the bank closing dates as observed by the Federal Reserve. Additional blank decals are provided to write on for emergency closings. Juneteenth holiday sign included. English Edition or English/Spanish Edition.

To order your 2022 holiday closing signs, click here.


Compliance Alliance offers demo days, complimentary access, exclusively for OBA members

Also, along with 31 other state banking associations, the Oklahoma Bankers Association serve as co-owners of Compliance Alliance (C/A) to provide our member banks with ways to make regulatory compliance simple.

C/A is a subscription-based regulatory and consumer compliance advisory service with tools, hotlines, and document reviews. Their unlimited, all-inclusive membership for services can benefit all areas of a bank, from the Board to the Front Line.

Below you will find three upcoming demo days exclusively for OBA members. Will you or someone on your team please take some time to join us? Following the demo, you will be offered a complimentary 48-hr trial.

For more information, contact Thi Pham at thi@oba.com.

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OBA welcomes new strategic member

Cunningham-Johnson Auctions, LLC (CJ Auctions)

CJ Auctions is a professional real estate auction company that uses a turnkey 5-step process to auction real estate.

We auction all types of real estate from farms & ranches, single family residence and commercial assets. Our clientele includes individuals, financial institutions, attorney’s, trust companies, and bankruptcies. CJ Auction also handles full dispersals (equipment, tools, livestock, etc.) if a client needs to sell their personal property along with their real estate. There is no project too big or too small, we have auctioned it all. CJ Auctions is licensed to auction real estate in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Contact Information: Ronn Cunningham

Cell: (918) 629-9382

Email: ronn@cj-auctions.com

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OBA education corner …

Happy New Year from your friends here at the OBA! A new year brings new beginnings and a busy winter season, but don’t forget to look at the upcoming education opportunities, including the following:

  • Best Practices in Processing Subpoenas, Garnishments and IRS Tax Levies, Jan. 11, webinar — This webinar will provide attendees with the best practices and red flags for dealing with the various legal documents served upon financial institutions.
  • CRA Nuts & Bolts – Five Steps to Pass the Exam, Jan. 12, webinar — We will review the steps required to establish your case and tips for managing the exam.
  • Loan Structure Documentation and Compliance Seminar, Jan. 12-Tulsa; Jan. 13-Oklahoma City — Attend this proactive seminar and receive a thorough overview of commercial lending requirements from a “loan” structure, documentation, and compliance perspective.
  • Social Media Compliance and Best Practices, Jan. 13, webinar — Social media posts are a great way to communicate with existing customers and gain new ones as well, but what can we posts? What disclosures must be provided? How do we respond to a consumer complaint received via social media?
  • The Right of Setoff, Jan. 19, webinar — Do you know when the right of setoff is allowed and when it isn’t? Do you know if your financial institution has a statutory or contractual right of setoff? Do you understand the financial risks of using your setoff rights incorrectly? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, make sure to attend this valuable webinar.
  • BSA Officer Annual Training, Jan. 20, webinar — During this class we will cover the topics for your annual training. We will get you updated and ready for a good examination with many hot spots discussed and hopefully you will avoid some of the issues that many institutions are facing in 2021.
  • Basic Real Estate Loan Documentation, Jan. 26, webinar — This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of essential real estate loan documentation requirements, regulatory compliance issues, sound loan administration issues and best practices.
  • Women In Banking Lunch And Learn, Jan. 26, Oklahoma City — Join us for our next Women In Banking luncheon, where we’ll discuss ways to identify risks to your digital security, how to protect yourself and steps you can take to recover if you are breached.
  • 2022 OBA Intermediate School, Feb. 7-11, June 6-10, Oklahoma City — Presented in two sessions, this school is designed to prepare students to serve effectively and profitably the needs and desires of their banks and the banking public. A major objective of the program is to instill an appreciation for and an understanding of the operations and interrelationships of departments within a bank.

Additonally, the Oklahoma Bankers Association 2022 Senior Management Conference is scheduled for April 3-5 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. One of the key benefits in the conference will be talking with your peers. Attendees at the OBA 2022 Senior Management Conference will be surrounded by those with similar titles, similar workloads, similar problems and likely solutions to issues that can be just as similar. If you have any questions or want to get signed up, contact the OBA’s education department at 405-424-5252, or download a brochure and registration form by clicking here!

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