Friday, December 1, 2023



Take off  your mask: Is your life story worth telling?

Dan Meers, The K.C. Wolf

It’s been said if you ask a man his occupation, you will find out how he pays his bills; but if you ask a man his preoccupation, then you will discover the passion of his life. Dan Meers has a rather unique occupation. For over 25 years, he has paid his bills by working as “KC Wolf”, the mascot of the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. However, Dan’s preoccupation, what he is truly passionate about, is encouraging others to strive for the best in life and to enjoy it each and every step along the way. Dan believes your life is like a coin. You can spend it anyway you wish but you will only get to spend it one time, so spend it wisely. During this presentation, Dan shares some of the valuable lessons he’s learned during his long career as a professional mascot. Whether at home, work or in the community, Dan challenges his audience to live each day to the fullest by wisely investing their lives and not just spending.


Low-hanging fruit: Ideas to make money, save money or just avoid liability

Jacque Kruppa, Hunton Andrews Kurth

Attendees will obtain actionable steps that will save money, make money or mitigate liability. Opportunities to increase shareholder value will be addressed.


NSF fees class actions and FDIC guidance

Kersten Holzhueter, Hunton Andrews Kurth

Regulators continue to scrutinize overdraft fees and overdraft protection programs. This timely session will explain the theories asserted in the class action lawsuits and recommended steps for defending against those claims.


Oklahoma attorney general update

Gentner Drummond, Oklahoma attorney general

Hear from Oklahoma’s attorney general as he takes the opportunity to share some brief thoughts with our group.


ABA update

Rob Nichols, American Bankers Association

Join ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols for a discussion on the happenings around the country in the banking industry, as well as what’s going on in Washington, D.C.


Seven truths about technology

Robert Mendez, BankOnIT

Banks everywhere are taking advantage of new technologies to streamline their operations and give their customers better experiences. This session will address seven truths about the banking technology landscape and discuss ways to position your bank to make the most out of digital solutions.


Legal issues/update

Matt Brown, McAfee & Taft

What’s the latest in the legal frontier that pertains to banking? What are the issues currently being faced by the industry that bankers should understand?


Managing your risk and finding opportunities with balance sheet management

Matt Harris, The Baker Group

Interest rate risk strategies, investment portfolio strategies and managing the investment portfolio to best balance cashflows, price risk and yield are among the topics to be covered. Current banking trends and regulatory hot buttons will be discussed.


Debit card fraud

David Grossardt, Transfund

Card fraud is on the rise and impacting community banks. This discussion will focus on the various types of debit card fraud experienced by banks today and the tools and best practices to mitigate.


A conversation with the acting comptroller

Michael Hsu, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael Hsu will be on hand to answer questions from attendees and give his insights on the industry.


Pulse sessions

Julie Waddle, FNB Community Bank, Midwest City; Sandy Werner, First National Bank, Elk City; Steve Bagwell, Vision Bank, Ada

Join us for this fun presentation as three bankers – including our incoming first vice chair – will give fast-paced presentations on the topic of their choice. Whether its about their own rise to where they currently sit in their bank, or their favorite decade to live through, these are inevitably entertaining, humorous and touching.