Saturday, January 28, 2023



Trends in fair lending

Daniel Johnson, CrossCheck Compliance

Fair lending has increased in focus for bank regulators. This session will highlight the key actions and activities important for your bank to have in place to ensure your teams are treating customers fairly and equitably. We will also discuss the key controls and monitoring over indirect automotive lending, mortgage servicing and small business lending that will help ensure your bank will not run afoul of fair lending requirements, and equal opportunity for credit is provided for all customers.


Balance sheet strategies in a challenging environment

Dale Sheller, The Baker Group

The session will provide an economic overview, market update and Federal Reserve Policy outlook. Community bank strategies will be emphasized.


Strategic guide to cybersecurity, privacy and technology

Joshua Snavely, McAfee & Taft

This session will outline the business case for cybersecurity, privacy and technology strategy, including competitive advantage and a risk-based paradigm. This overview will include an update on the threat landscape and privacy laws at the federal and state level. The playbook will also highlight tactical strategies for risk assessments, cyber insurance, date breaches and ransomware attacks.


Succession planning – addressing management, board and shareholder success

Peter Weinstock, Hunton Andrews Kurth, LLP

Most community banks provide a business plan that touches on SWOT analysis and then discusses a couple initiatives for the new year. Those business plans miss key issues for keeping a bank independent. This presentation will delve into strategies for management and board succession, as well as ownership options for a bank to have the flexibility to decide to remain independent.


M&A and capital markets update

Gene Katz, D.A. Davidson

Attend this breakout session to hear an update on the state of bank M&A and capital markets. This session will focus on trends and factors driving consolidation and discuss future outlook. Opportunities for equity and debt financing to support growth also will be addressed.


HR: Why do we need this?

Jeff Faust & Kevin Burr, Barracuda Consulting

Is your bank “winging it” when it comes to HR management? This session will help you fully understand the impact of HR strategies related to compensation, recruiting, benefit design, policy development, performance management and leadership development.


Managing climate change risk within the ERM program

Randy Mariscano, Wolf & Company

Climate change is a global threat to every person and organization. To reduce the risk of the negative effects associated with this problem, banks must evaluate and have enterprise-wide risk assessment for present threats and vulnerabilities. You will learn how to: identify operational, credit, and liquidity risks within the bank, demonstrate and document the progress of risk mitigation strategies and approaches, and make your bank stand out as a reliable, ethical presence in the market.


Lessons learned as a bank hacker

Andrew Lemon, Alias Forensics

Not all hacking is as intricate and detailed like in the movies. Sometimes it’s as easy as walking into a building and plugging in a device. Other times, it involves attempting to scam your bank employees. Regardless of what you think hacking is, we’ll tell you the true stories of how we hacked into banks and the lessons you can learn. In this presentation, attendees will learn the most common ways we have hacked into your business, as well as what you can do to protect yourself from these methods.


A post-COVID economic forecast for 2022

Dr. Ed Seifried, Lafayette College

The discussion concerning the impact of COVID on the economy has turned into the impact of inflation. With this in mind, Dr. Seifried will have a keynote presentation what the upcoming months could have in store.