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How to Avoid Safe Deposit Litigations,Webinar

January 17, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

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What You Will Learn

  • Why can offering self-service boxes cost financial institutions millions in losses?
  • How can the SCRA create significant liability when delinquent rent is collected?
  • Why did a significant fire cause 1,300 box renters to file a class action lawsuit?
  • What terrible things can happen if you’re leaving anyone in your vault alone?
  • Why did numerous safe deposit disappearance claims occurred recently?
  • How did poor "Box Relocation" procedures cause a $5,500,000 lawsuit?
  • What thirty questions will always be asked in any safe deposit lawsuit?
  • Why was an institution sued for $30 million after an internal box theft?
  • Why did sloppy box drilling procedures create a $4,500,000 litigation?
  • Have you seen the locksmith tools that will open boxes in seconds?
  • Why did several vault burglaries catch “Inside Edition’s” attention?
  • What caused CBS to create three recent safe deposit TV specials?
  • Are you leaving a locksmith in your vault alone? “BIG MISTAKE!”