Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Compliance Alliance offers bankers compliance help

As you know, your OBA invested in Compliance Alliance (C/A) almost 10 years ago. So far that investment has had a return of 924 percent to the OBA. Roger Beverage, OBA’s current President & CEO, serves on both the C/A’s Executive Committee and its Board of Directors.

What is Compliance Alliance?
Compliance Alliance offers a comprehensive suite of compliance management solutions. To learn more about them and whether it might be a fit for your bank, call (888) 353-3933 or email and ask for our Membership Team.

What’s New at C/A?
About a year ago, the C/A Board voted unanimously to add a new feature to our C/A offerings. It’s called Review Alliance, which adds another option for banks to use when in need of a compliance audit across lending, deposits, BSA, HMDA, Flood, TRID and compliance officer training.

In addition, C/A also offers a newer service called (as you might have suspected) a Virtual Compliance Officer to the list of services that C/A can provide for your bank. The VCO is a shared service-model using bank-dedicated compliance officers. It’s perfect for monitoring and guiding your bank remotely.

Three major areas are covered by using this new service: Lending Compliance Review; Deposit Compliance Review; and BSA Compliance Review. This new offering is simply that – a new offering which increases your bank’s options in a world of an ever-increasing  compliance issues.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about how to put them to work for your bank, call (833)-683-0701, or email and ask for our Membership Team.