Monday, October 25, 2021

Get free personalized PSA encouraging community to vaccinate

The Oklahoma Bankers Association has created COVID-19 vaccine-related public service announcements for its member banks, both in advertising form as well as in story form, ready for display at the bank or for insertions into local newspapers.

These free advertising files and stories, themed as “Nothing’s Safer Than Money In The Bank … Except For The COVID-19 Vaccine”, echo the Association’s successful “Nothing’s Safer Than Money In The Bank” public relations campaigns from the past two decades.

The PSAs will enable banks to reassure their community about the safety of the vaccines, as well as encourage everyone possible to get vaccinated, which will more quickly allow the nation and the state to get back to business as normal – something beneficial to both communities and banks.

“These public service announcements are an opportunity for our banks to reassure the members of their local community the vaccines coming online are safe and extremely effective, while at the same time will help move things forward toward ‘normal’, which is a positive for business and banking,” said OBA Senior Vice President/Communications Jeremy Cowen.

A recent survey had Oklahoma residents near the bottom of the country in their willingness to get the vaccines, with only an estimated 68% indicating they would take them. It’s a far lower number than the better than 80% indicated in other states, and nearer to the bottom, which was Mississippi at 61%.

Large national companies, such as Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, have pulled some Super Bowl ads in favor of similar PSAs to encourage the general public to get vaccinated. These PSAs created by the OBA offer a comparable opportunity for Oklahoma banks at the local level.

For more information on these PSAs, or to get branded versions for your bank, contact the OBA’s Jeremy Cowen ( at (405) 424-5252.