Thursday, January 27, 2022

J. Bonner Consulting, LLC

Consulting firm providing advice and support to banks regarding loan portfolio structure & performance, strategic planning, regulatory relationships, credit process design, policy development, problem asset resolution, budgeting & expense control, capital structure enhancement, M&A planning, and talent evaluation.

Bank Consulting Services Include:

SHORT TERM — 3-10 days*

1. Loan Portfolio Review including specific recommendations for Risk Grade, Classification, Accrual Status, and Impairment.
2. OREO review for appropriate Appraisal, marketing plan, likely liquidation discounts, and potential write-downs.
3. Regulatory Enforcement Order Initial Response. Development of detailed Resolution Plan.
4. Organizational Structure Review. Talent/Skills assessments at all levels of Senior Management.
5. Detailed Expense Analysis, Budget Review, Financial Projections.
6. Credit, Lending, and Operations Policy Review and Modification.
7. Policy and Procedure Review for Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL).
8. Assessment of ALLL adequacy.
9. Pre-M&A Due Diligence — Loan Portfolio, ALLL, Credit Process, and Management Assessments.

MID-TERM — 10-45 days*

1. Regulatory Enforcement Order. Implementation and management of Resolution Plan. Internal and External progress reports.
2. Long Term Strategy Assessment. Strategic Plan development.
3. Large scale Policy revisions or additions.
4. Credit Process Redesign.
5. Capital Structure Review. Capital Needs Determination. Capital Plan Development. Interface with Investment Banking Professionals to enhance capital with Sub Debt or new Equity.
6. Development of Classified Asset Reduction Plans, including loan by loan tactical recommendations and ASC 310-10 assessments.
7. Find C-Level Officers, especially President or CEO. “Use a CEO to find CEO,” a unique approach to achieving the best possible fit for critical leadership roles, not your standard executive search.
8. Talent Consultant. Assist in screening, testing, and interviewing mid-level management candidates.

EXTENDED TERM — 45+ days*

1. Pre-M&A Liaison between Board and retained Investment Banking, Legal and Accounting professionals as well as Regulatory authorities.
2. Post M&A Coordination of Policy and Process blending, Best Practices Assessment, Staffing Reviews, and Facility Functionality Review.
3. Serve as interim President or CEO, actively pursuing short term organizational improvements and long term strategic change during Board search for permanent Pres/CEO.
4. Serve as interim Chief Credit Officer, Chief Lending Officer, or Chief Banking Officer during search for permanent CCO, CLO or CBO. Assist in search process.

*Times shown are typical, but may vary depending on institution size and circumstances. All engagements are structured to provide only what you need, not a pre-packaged set of services.


Contact: Joseph C. Bonner
4708 Las Colinas Lane
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Phone: (970) 568-2036