Wednesday, October 20, 2021

OBA encourages banks to stay in contact with customers

During this time, many bank customers might be feeling anxiety about access to their funds or if those funds will remain available in the future.

The OBA encourages its member banks to stay in communication with its customers. Many/most of our banks have already reached out to their customers and we applaud those efforts. For those who haven’t – or have simply updated their websites, building signage or other more passive means of communication – we urge you to consider a more active/push approach by email/text/phone calls, etc.

The direct approach will ensure your message reaches more customers, and also help assuage customer fears about their funds and accounts by taking a proactive approach.

To assist with this effort, the OBA has created a template email letter (below) to send to our member banks’ customers. Feel free to use it in its entirety or parts of it in your own message to your customers.

Also, we encourage our banks to stay up with the latest accurate information on the coronavirus pandemic by viewing the OBA’s page of aggregated news sources at Additionally, we should have a recording of the conference call we hosted Wednesday, which included Gov. Kevin Stitt, Sen. James Lankford and State Banking Commissioner Mick Thompson, posted soon on

Dear (customer’s name),

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us as your banking partner. We wanted to share with you the efforts we’ve undertaken to lessen the impact of the coronavirus pandemic when dealing with your financial interests.

Online banking
Use our convenient at-home banking options to remain connected to your accounts. Our bank offers (website/app/phone) options to help you pay bills and check balances.

In-person banking
Currently, our lobby spaces are (open/closed/by appointment only). We will continue to monitor the coronavirus issue locally and will adjust our in-person banking options accordingly. (For those with open lobbies, explain procedures done to keep lobby sanitized as well as precautions available, such as disinfecting wipes, spray, hand sanitizer, limited number of people in bank at one time, etc.).

Be aware of scams
Cybercriminals and fraudsters may try to take advantage of the coronavirus situation in various ways. If you suspect a potential financial scam, contact us immediately. We have access to the Oklahoma Bankers Association’s fraud expert in Oklahoma City as well as to information from the Federal Trade Commission and other industry experts.

Stay in touch!
Most of all, continue to stay in touch with us. The last thing our customers should be worried about during this time is their money and accounts with us. Let us calm any anxiety and assure you nothing’s safer than money in our bank!

We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you and our community.