Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Farmers National Company

Farmers National Company is the largest independent oil & gas management firm in the country with over 180,000 properties under management in 40 states. Our clients include Banks, Foundations, Universities, Non-Profits, Hospitals, Family Offices, and Individuals The three key areas of focus are: Comprehensive Oil & Gas Accounting, Risk Mitigation, and Revenue Enhancement. FNC Oil and Gas Management places a strong emphasis on pro-active management of client oil & gas properties. Having a staff consisting of Certified Professional Landmen, Certified Mineral Managers, Certified Division Order Analysts, Oil & Gas attorneys and accountants, and a geologist, FNC Oil & Gas Management is fully prepared to assist our clients with the professional services needed to actively manage their oil & gas assets!


Contact: Wes Turiano
15 W. 6th Street, Suite 2700
Tulsa, OK 74119
Phone: (918) 895-8026 Fax: (918) 398-5901