Saturday, September 21, 2019

Karns Profit Improvement

Karns Profit Improvement® has helped financial institutions improve profit and franchise value since 1986. Services include:

  • OPTIMIZE (KPI) – service to help financial institutions optimize their return on third-party service providers by lowering their cost and improving service. We are your professional workforce, providing labor and expertise, to ensure your executive team has comprehensive, current and actionable information on all your third party vendor services. This results in strategically lowered cost, improved service and reduced risk. We do NOT do this by giving you another software application to master and maintain. Instead, we provide the professional workfroce to create, maintain and manage your vendor service contracts and data, so your team can invest its limited time on being strategic in vendor service oversight. While you do have full access to the cloud-based centralized repository, we take responsibility to maintain the documents and data and to email you actionable reports and vendor-specific recommendations at precisely the right time for you to review each service. You also have the option of using our specialized Contract Negotiation services. For 30 years, we have assisted in negotiating financial institution contracts for lower costs and more favorable terms.
  • IT Contract Review and Negotiation – verifiable history of lowering cost and improving terms.
  • Profit Review – We help find and accelerate additional income with practical recommendations to improve margin, fee income and lower expenses


Contact: Kelly Karns
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Edmond, OK 73083
Phone: (918) 815-1200