Monday, October 25, 2021

Please participate in new Regulatory Feedback Initiative survey

Oklahoma Banker Direct

Change is in the air at the federal bank regulatory agencies and we hope to maximize our opportunity to make needed changes to the regulatory environment. But, we need your help.

Please join bankers across America by participating in the Regulatory Feedback Initiative. Our new, streamlined “Post Exam Survey” will provide banking advocates with the data needed to identify problems and promote needed changes to the examination and regulatory environment.

We are asking every bank across the country to complete our new, streamlined survey after each Safety & Soundness Exam and Compliance Exam so we can track what bank regulators are doing.

It doesn’t matter when your last exam was, if you haven’t already filled out a Post Exam Survey from the Coalition of Bankers Associations, please take a minute right now and make a plan to do it by May 31, 2017.

The survey is 100 percent anonymous; the name of your bank is never included so any answers you provide cannot be connected to your institution. The only way to access the survey is through the following link: (Only forward this link to those who will be assisting you in completing the survey.)

If you are one of the 3,500-plus banks that have already taken a recent survey, thank you! (It truly is anonymous; we don’t know who you are!) If you haven’t taken a survey since your last exam – regardless of when it occurred – please take a moment today to make the assignment to get it done by May 31, 2017. You will also be receiving a similar follow-up message from me in the next few days.

We are pleased to be working with our fellow state bankers associations across America to fight to make the exam process fair and accountable! Together, we will make a difference! But – and as I’ve been saying for years – we can’t do it effectively without you!

Thank you for your support and participation.

—– Roger