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Regulatory feedback initiative: We need bankers!

As you know, the OBA helped construct a survey process that works as part of our national drive to have every bank in America tell us about their most recent Safety and Soundness and Compliance Exams. This is a reminder that we're asking every OBA bank to go to our website (www.allbankers.org) and take this completely confidential survey so we can better understand what's going on out in the field.

While we're pleased with the response of member banks to complete a POST EXAM SURVEY. However, there are a number of member banks that have yet to complete either a Safety and Soundness Exam survey or a Compliance Exam survey. Simply stated, if we're going to have any success at all making a difference with federal banking regulators we need your help.

There is still time to complete both surveys and help make a significant impact on the way our member banks are treated during their exams.

If you have questions, feel free to call Roger Beverage at the OBA. You can also download a PDF copy of the survey so you can see just how quick and simple this process is. Remember, the survey is completely anonymous; there is absolutely no way to tie your bank's answers to you or to the bank.

We will be providing a summary of our findings to all those participating banks that request a copy.

Thanks again for your patience with these many reminders and for your support of our efforts to improve the regulatory environment for all banks everywhere.

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