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The Oklahoma Bankers Association is proud to be able to bring the Fraud-Net program to our state. We look forward to working with you in the fight against fraud. What follows is a brief introduction to the Fraud-Net system. Fraud-Net has many features, and this brochure is in no way intended to be a complete user guide. We hope you will find it helpful though in determining how Fraud-Net can work for you.

What is Fraud-Net?
Fraud-Net is a real-time, online database of attempted and actual fraud perpetrated against Oklahoma banks. This fraud prevention system allows banks and law enforcement to post and search fraud alerts. Fraud-Net is a service of the Oklahoma Bankers Association and is free to all member banks. It was originally developed by the Florida Bankers Association and has received high praise from banks, law enforcement and lawmakers.

How does it work?
Fraud-Net allows its users (bankers and law enforcement) to post and read alerts on a secure, searchable message board. The information is separated into categories based on the region of Oklahoma. Users can select which regions are of interest to them and can receive e-mail notification each time new information is posted in those categories. There is also a category for statewide alerts.

The database allows users to search for information that is relevant to them. For instance, if a banker receives a check that appears legitimate but has a "gut feeling" that something isn't right, he or she can instantly search the Fraud-Net database to see if the name, routing number or other information has been reported by another user in an alert.

What are the special features of Fraud-Net?

E-mail notification
Fraud-Net can send you e-mail notification when new fraud or robbery alerts have been posted to the site. You determine whether you wish to receive these updates, and for which regions of Oklahoma.

Easy-to-use message board
Fraud-Net allows you to post fraud alerts to an easy-to-use message board. The message board is divided by region and has a special section for robberies. You will be able to upload and view photos of perpetrators and images of documents with a few clicks of the mouse.

Printable bulletins
Fraud-Net allows you to print an alert in a printer-friendly format so you may distribute it to others in your organization.

Comprehensive search engine
You can search for a name, a routing number, a drivers license number - anything you think might be relevant in helping you detect fraud. This search engine is an instantaneous, easy way to find out if any of these elements have been reported in other instances of fraud, thus helping you prevent fraud before it happens.

Is it secure?
Fraud-Net is a secure Web site using 128-bit encryption. To ensure that the Web site's sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands, new users must be approved by a Fraud-Net administrator at the OBA. To prevent excessive alerts and irrelevant information from being posted, new alerts are also approved. No sensitive information is included in the e-mail alerts that are sent. The alerts simply notify the user that there is a new alert, and the user must log in to the site to read the information.

How do I get started?
Registering for Fraud-Net is a quick and easy process.

1. Before your Fraud-Net registration will be approved, the OBA must have a signed Licensing Agreement on file signed by your president or CEO. If you do not have a copy of the Licensing Agreement, you may download it here and fax it to the OBA at 405-424-4518.

2. Once this has been done, simply go to http://www.fraud-net.com to begin the registration process. The Fraud Prevention System login page will appear in your browser window.

3. Click New Users Register Here. The Registration page will appear on your screen.

4. Complete the Registration form.

5. Once you have filled in all required fields, read and accept the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and click Submit.

6. An automatic e-mail will be sent to you. Once you receive the e-mail, you must click the link listed within the e-mail. Clicking the link will confirm that you entered a valid e-mail address during registration.

7. Once a Fraud Prevention site administrator has reviewed your registration form and verified your registration information, you will receive a username and password via e-mail. If your request is sent during normal business hours, you should expect to receive your username and password within 24 hours.

Where can I find help?
Fraud-Net has a comprehensive user manual that should answer most of your questions. Once you are registered, you can access it on the Fraud-Net site or even download it as a printable PDF. For other questions, please contact the Oklahoma Bankers Association at 405-424-5252 or (toll-free) 866-424-5252. You may also send an e-mail to

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